Gold Covered Chocolates Topping and Garnish

Gold Covered Chocolates Topping and Garnish

Chocolates are a favorite among all people. Why not add gold flakes as a chocolate garnish to add elegance to your chocolate products?  Aurum and Argentum Company makes that possible with our 24k gold flakes. Impress your patrons and add value to your creation, it’s a great up sell and a showcase piece. It is a conversation topic to promote your brand. Gold flakes topping also has eye appeal with its attractive sparkling features. Let customers know you really has a quality product that stands out. We have 3 products gold flakes, gold powder and gold leaf sheets foil. See our products here.
gold flakes chocolate wedding gift 24k topping garnish
Wedding food decorations with gold flakes are popular this day and age. Guests will remember your 24k gold chocolate gifts for years to come, so make it memorable.

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