Gold Powder Flakes Leaf Oolong Tea Idea 24k

Gold Powder Flakes Leaf Oolong Tea Idea 24k

What to use your gold leaf sheets, gold powder and gold flakes for?

I would like to present another idea. How about gold powder flakes oolong tea. It doesn’t just have to be oolong tea it could be any drink.

A list of tea from wiki . If you have your tea company already why not add some gold powder for an elegant promotional products. Buy Aurum & Argentum Co gold flakes or powder for your next tea creation. It is an excellent conversational starter as well.

Tea Bases (Camellia Sinensis)

Black Tea   Chinese teas: ◾Keemun tea ◾Yunnan tea

Indian teas: ◾Assam tea ◾Nilgiri tea ◾Oolong Tea ◾masala tea ◾badam tea ◾Made from semi-fermented leaves of tea plants

Genmaicha Tea Green Tea Yellow Tea White Tea Pu-erh   Flavored Teas Chai Earl Grey Tea Lapsang souchong tea English Breakfast tea Irish Breakfast tea Jasmine tea Russian Caravan

Herbal Teas (Tisanes) ◾Lemon Rooibos ◾Lemon and Ginger ◾Honeybush ◾Spearmint ◾Peppermint ◾Chamomile ◾Yerba Mate Compressed Teas Tea Bricks Tea braid


Please note: Aurum & Argentum Co doesn’t make gold flakes oolong tea. We are a gold leaf wholesaler company. We sell  Gold leaf, gold flakes and gold powder. See our products here.

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