Gold Flakes and Gold Powder Massage Oil

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Using gold for massage has nice advantages.

Here is a little regarding massage.

The follow of massage has been tailored to the environmental conditions and  characteristics of every individual and temperament. In western countries oriental massages are gaining momentum. One reason is that these treatments, treat the person seeking both in the physical and emotional state of discomfort. These embody the Japanese massage or acupressure  and Chinese massage , or Tui-na , wherever pressures are created ​​by points or manual treatment to channel energy , Others are the Ayurvedic massage of the Hindu tradition and the  Thai massage or Thai tradition.
Gold is said to increase oxygen within the blood and improves circulation. Swedish massage therapists make use of oils, add gold flakes to your oils for full advantages of massage.

gold for massage oil olive oil with gold in it buy luxury gift product
Massage Varieties
Circulatory Massage : is meant to activate blood flow , serving to to eliminate toxins . Sports Massage : is distributed virtually solely on the muscle teams concerned in every sport or sport, to optimize your tone, flexibility and performance.

Lymphatic evacuation massage : points to stimulate the flow of liquid body substance through correct and sensitive techniques.
Massage aesthetic : combining circulatory techniques, creator and sedative, to treat abnormal or aesthetic defects of bodies, sometimes set.
Relaxation massage or sedative : it tends to harmonize the  nervous  system, inducing, because the name implies, some extent of muscle relaxation and serving to the individual regain or maintain balance of the psychological and physical.
As you can see there are many types of massage and treatments. 24k gold can add value to your massage oil and customer satisfaction for its health benefits.

Resorts, spa and salons use gold for their massage, hair, nails and body art.
Buy gold powder and gold flakes for massage oil.
Contact us for price of gold flakes and gold powder for massage oil. We have 1g bottles of gold flakes and powder for sale. In the future we may sell 100 mg bottles.

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