Using Gold Leaf for Pottery and Wood Carving

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Using Gold Leaf for Pottery and Wood Carving

The practice of wood carving is very old, it has left no trace because wood is a material that does not withstand the ravages of time. However, the clay sculpture remains the first technique and the first material used for sculptures.

Wood carving differs from sculpture to other materials (clay, stone) There is often a flat assembly attached with several wooden planks (very dry), previously planed and trued. These woods are assembled differently depending on whether one wishes to make a relief or round (statues sculpture). The timber assembly is formed to prevent cracking and shrinkage (or expansion timber, depending on ambient humidity). Wood finishes with the use of gold are specific and varied.

gold foil for sculpures



The gold leaf provides a real enhancement of the wood so that the subject carved is defined. The sculpture can be tinted with gold leaf, then an application of beeswax is the most known and most simple technique. The polish is long to implement, about a fortnight, but brings out the grain of the wood and gives it a sense of mirror. The gilding on wood, by applying gold leaf requires more than fourteen operations and gives a finishing style. There are many other finishes with drying oil ( tung, linseed), carnauba wax, shellac, copal varnish (known as Saint Petersburg) … Each has its own character and gives the work its final message.

Pottery is a technique for the preparation of ceramic, formed mainly with the objects of clay / mud, dried, and fired decorated whereby the ceramic end product to be hard and sometimes waterproof. Gold leaf can be inlayed to pottery to give it an elegant look.

Pottery as a general term is also used for the manufacturing of ceramic products or products such as vases, jars, pots, trays or bowls. Depending on the raw materials used and the manufacturing technology, the ceramics produced are generally allocated according to the classification of ceramic bodies various classes, subclasses, groups and subgroups.

The pottery is handcrafted in Western cultures often for artistic purposes, or for the preservation of traditions as a hobby or business.

gold foil for pottery crafts


Aurum & Argentum Co gold leaf for wood carving and pottery

Loose gold leaf

Sizes: 4cm x 4cm and 8cm x 8cm

24k and 23k gold available

Contact us to purchase gold leaf for your project.

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