Smirnoff Gold uses 23-karat gold leaf

Smirnoff-GoldUnder the motto Real gold in every shot” brings Smirnoff in October a new and innovative vodka liqueur on the German and Austrian markets: Smirnoff Gold. The luxurious liqueur flavored with cinnamon on the basis of Smirnoff No. 21 makes its name because it contains real precious metal in the form of very delicate 23karat gold leaf. Due to the unique texture of the liqueur the gold leaves float without sinking to the bottom of the bottle and so allow the product to become a noble, glittering eye-catcher at the POS. Smirnoff Gold will be available until December 2014, in the German and Austrian trade only for a short time, from October.

Bottle shot Smirnoff Gold Innovation in the vodka category

With the new Smirnoff Gold Diageo expands the existing Smirnoff Product Range and once again sets new standards in its segment. Only through the newly developed texture of Smirnoff Gold, it is possible that the contained genuine gold leaf – without shaking hover at any time in the bottle, without settling on the bottom of the bottle. The noble vodka liqueur makes any drink a real feast for the eyes, but he is also a great gift for special occasions and ensures just for Christmas for extra impulse buying in retail. The new luxury liqueur especially appeals to women and men 18 to 39 years: open, modern and always on the lookout for the latest trend. With the launch of this innovative product brings new momentum to the Smirnoff vodka category, the upward trend the brand as the world’s number one premium vodka and largest spirits brand a decisive influence.

In the last year of gastronomy as a top brand ausgezeichnet1, confirmed strong sales growth of + 8.1% and the success in Handel.2 And the success story continues: After the successful launch in the UK in 2013, now the markets in Germany and Austria conquered .

Pleasure with pure gold

Smirnoff Gold is best eaten alone as a shot. Here, the gentle, warming vodka taste envelops the palate with the light spiciness of cinnamon and topped off with a mild sweetness. The edible gold leaf, known in the luxury gastronomy, melts at the smallest touch and allows a pure pleasure without tangible particles.

Golden moments in the Spirits shelf

From October to December will be available only for a short time with a suggested retail price of 17.99 euros in the German and Austrian trade Smirnoff Gold. As much as the product itself are the specially designed, individually rotatable 36er displays that are available to the trade for eye-catching second placing at disposal. Each 0.7l bottle is also provided with a Neckhänger, customer information in an attractive manner on the specifics of the product. Smirnoff Gold is just like Smirnoff No. 21 has an alcohol content of 37.5 vol% .

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