KitKat 24K Edible Gold Chocolate Bar

If you are a chocolate lover then this gold-coated Kit-Kat should definitely be on the top of your wish list. For many chocolate lovers it will be a dream come true just like in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where everything is made out of chocolate.

24k gold kitkat chocolate bar

In the celebration of the Millionth customer, Kit-Kat has launched a limited edition gold-coated chocolate that will hit the shelf in December but will only be available in Japan. The limited edition chocolate is for 2,016 yen (US$16) a finger and it will only be available for the lucky few.

The chocolate won’t be available in all the stores but can be bought from their specialty Kit Kat Chocolatory stores, and not just that some Chocolatory members might even win a real 24-carat gold Kit Kat. What else could a chocolate lover ask for?
While most of us would have only had the chocolate flavour of the Kit-Kat, Nestle Japan produces more than 200 flavours of Kit-Kat right from strawberry to wasabi to green tea, you name it and they would have it.

The limited edition “Sublime Gold” one-finger treat, that is covered in gold-leaf has a rich and bitter chocolaty taste and will go on sale in eight swank department stores from Tokyo to Sapporo in the north and Fukuoka in southern Japan. Seems like the launch of this exclusive chocolate is bang on time, considering the fact that Christmas is just around the corner.

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