Uncovered Metaphysical Properties – The Ancient Secret of Gold

Metaphysical properties of gold

Gold is revered for centuries and until recently we never knew why. Today, the research confirms that advanced understanding of monoatomic elements in gold, which already knew cultures like the Egyptians thousands of years ago.

Ancient texts have shown that the Pharaohs were monatomic gold, when they were considered the spiritual enlightenment worthy fed. It was assumed that it was too important to feed ‘ordinary’ people so, as it claims to give awareness and increased service life.

Old priestly scientists knew about the improvements of monoatomic element for the body and therefore for the DNA. For the elect it meant to transcend the mind into a higher state of evolution.

golden spiral

From the Sumerians was narrated that the gods or Anunnaki, came down from heaven and humanity by sowing and only a select few people have been identified as “representatives” of the gods to govern.
The “ancient” were in the knowledge that we have a physical body and spiritual or etheric body, and so they recognized the importance in the diet of both. They enjoyed a healthy diet because of their farming methods and mineral-rich year flood, which fed their physical body, and thereby also consuming monatomic elements (due to floods), which fed their subtle body, helping in their spiritual growth and awareness development.

Are there any advantages of gold?
• Increased spiritual consciousness and psychic phenomenon *
• Enables the Kundalini in the body *
• The activation of the light “ka” body *
• Accelerated manifestation of goals *
• Supports mental development *
• Increased production of neurotransmitters. *
• Increased clarity dream *
• Increased synchronicity in life *
• Clearer mental focus *
• Increased metabolic rate and cell renewal *
• DNA Awakening & Healing *

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