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Gold Leaf foil Flakes for Nails 24K Manicurist Wholesale

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Gold Leaf foil Flakes for Nails 24K Manicurist Wholesale

The healthy and well-groomed nails are attractive but there are times when you want to make them more appealing. It can be

a special occasion or event. Make your manicure elegant, or do it just for fun. Whatever the reason, there are several

ways to decorate your nails. Some you can do yourself while others require the help of a manicurist. Apply gold leaf foil

to your nails for an amazing look.

Gold Foil Sheets for Nails

The gold foil sheets are a quick and easy way to add interest to your manicure. These small, decorations come are used for

weddings or other special occasions. You can use one or more gold leaf foil 1cm per nail. Raise a gold leaf sheet, place

it on your nail and press it until it sticks. You can apply a layer of gloss to prevent the gold foil from sticking to

your clothes and to last longer.

gold foil sheets for nails salon art design buy wholesale 24k

Gold Flakes for Nails DIY

The gold flakes can be subtle or bold depending on how much you decide to use in your manicure. You can buy gold flakes

and spread it over your wet nail polish or you can purchase that bring built. After applying any method continues by

applying clear nail polish. If you use acrylic nails, you can have more time to glitter ask your manicurist to use 24k

gold that has gold powder or gold flakes embedded in acrylic.


You can buy synthetic stones made for nails. They come in various sizes and sometimes come in a kit containing nail

lacquer for use with the stones. Place a layer of enamel, then carefully place the stones where you want and press them.

When drying the enamel adds another layer of gold flakes to finish.

Gold Nails

Although you can buy full sets of nails of gold or gold plated, may be more attractive to buy and use one. Most loose gold

nails are for little fingernail. It is best to place a golden nail on the natural nail instead of over a acrylic. The

design is for that fit better on the curve of the natural nail. Only gold hits the nail with natural adhesive and have a

manicure decorated. Its best use gold leaf foil for a more natural look.


The nail charms seem small earrings. Just like the earrings, come with small poles or as pendants. The charms attach to

your nails through a hole drilled in your nail. Most people do not have the tools needed to apply these charms so they

rely on the services of manicurists.


The airbrush painting is a method to paint a design or a simple image on your nails. This requires special equipment and

artistry, making other decoration which requires the skill of a manicurist.

Contact us to be a reseller of Aurum & Argentum Co. Gold leaf foil, gold flakes foil and gold powder. All are 24k gold or

23k gold.  Salon and spa can upsell easily. Offer a new product to your customers with 24k gold foil for nails or pedicure.

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Gold Leaf Foil For Scrapbooking Arts and Crafts DIY

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR


Gold Leaf Foil For Scrapbooking Arts and Crafts DIY

When thinking of your next arts and craft project how about adding gold leaf foil to the mix. Add more value to your DIY project. Scrapbooking is a hobby for many people but for others its a passion. Make your scrapbook standout with gold leaf foil. Aurum & Argentum Co has products that will enhance your creative design. By adding gold to your craft or art, you are also increasing the value of your product if you plan on selling it.

Gold leaf foil sheets used for arts crafts scrapbooking diy 24k suppliers usa europe asia


Artists add gold leaf foil to their paintings. Wood carvers use it as a detailing feature. Sign makers have been using gold leaf foil for years to make elegant signs for storefronts. The latest trend has been putting gold leaf foil on vehicles for advertising. DIY earring makers wrap earring in gold to make a more vibrant and luxurious look. If your making pottery lining it with gold leaf foil will bring it to showpiece status. Aurum & Argentum Co gives examples of what gold can be used for, so get started on your project right now. We offer gold products at wholesale prices. And we are always looking for distributors. We will be getting a distributor package ready for those interested in selling gold products. You could even have your own brand. Here are some other products that could be made with Aurum & Argentum Co gold leaf foil.


gold flakes in lip gloss

Buy Lip Balm Stick with 24k Gold Flakes or Powder

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Buy Lip Balm Stick with 24k Gold Flakes or Powder in it.

Where to buy lip balm stick with gold flakes or gold powder for cosmetics?

Note: Aurum and Argentum Company sells gold flakes, gold powder and gold leaf sheets for your DIY project or new product line.

gold powder flakes lip balm stick 24k

A lip balm is a skin care product for application to the skin of the lips. It serves to protect the skin from external influences (eg UV light, etc.) and dehydration or treating dry, rough lips.

In contrast, when it comes to lipstick or lip gloss cosmetic properties,  both are connected to each other to some extent. Normally, the product consists of waxes, fats and nourishing  cosmetics or other additives like gold powder or flakes. From the mixture, a solid stick is usually formed. There are also liquid, creamy products, which are referred to as lip balm. These are usually made ​​in the form of a tube and can be applied directly from this on the lips.

Caviar with 24K Gold Flakes Chef’s Choice

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Caviar with 24K Gold Flakes Chef’s Choice

Add 24K gold to your caviar and impress your customers or your family and friends.

Aurum and Argentum Company makes gold flakes and gold powder for your gourmet foods. By adding gold to your cuisine the value of the dish increases. Also, your customers will remember your gourmet food. Topping any food with gold is a great conversation starter. Chefs around the world are using gold flakes and gold powder to garnish their masterpiece. When hosting a dinner party be sure to have Aurum and Argentum Co gold on hand. Make a signature dish for any occasion. A wedding or anniversary will be more memorable with gold.

gold caviar 24k flakes leaf gourmet food buy wholesale chef topping

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Gold Powder Flakes Leaf Oolong Tea Idea 24k

Gold Powder Flakes Leaf Oolong Tea Idea 24k

What to use your gold leaf sheets, gold powder and gold flakes for?

I would like to present another idea. How about gold powder flakes oolong tea. It doesn’t just have to be oolong tea it could be any drink.

A list of tea from wiki . If you have your tea company already why not add some gold powder for an elegant promotional products. Buy Aurum & Argentum Co gold flakes or powder for your next tea creation. It is an excellent conversational starter as well.

Tea Bases (Camellia Sinensis)

Black Tea   Chinese teas: ◾Keemun tea ◾Yunnan tea

Indian teas: ◾Assam tea ◾Nilgiri tea ◾Oolong Tea ◾masala tea ◾badam tea ◾Made from semi-fermented leaves of tea plants

Genmaicha Tea Green Tea Yellow Tea White Tea Pu-erh   Flavored Teas Chai Earl Grey Tea Lapsang souchong tea English Breakfast tea Irish Breakfast tea Jasmine tea Russian Caravan

Herbal Teas (Tisanes) ◾Lemon Rooibos ◾Lemon and Ginger ◾Honeybush ◾Spearmint ◾Peppermint ◾Chamomile ◾Yerba Mate Compressed Teas Tea Bricks Tea braid


Please note: Aurum & Argentum Co doesn’t make gold flakes oolong tea. We are a gold leaf wholesaler company. We sell  Gold leaf, gold flakes and gold powder. See our products here.

What is Gold Leaf? and What are uses of Gold Leaf?

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Gold leaf is the name for a high-gold alloys made ​​from thin sheets. It is used for non-metallic articles to give the appearance of real gold (gold plating). The thickness of the gold foil meets today about one fifth of the wavelength of visible light, ie about 0.1 microns or 100 nanometers, it can differ depending on the application. So for plastic surfaces rather thinner blades are used. In reflected light shines golden yellow gold leaf, backlit by a white light source appears greenish blue.

Gold leaf is made ​​from the so-called gold-beating with a hammer spring.

Gold leaf can be made thin in thicknesses of 100 to 1000 atomic layers. A gram of gold is in the normal thickness of 100 nanometers, an area of ​​about half a square meter. In Roman times the thickness was about three micrometers, in the 14th Century one micrometer.

The gold is combined with additives (platinum, silver, copper) is melted and poured into bars. Our Aurum and Argentum Company gold is combined with silver. The additives are responsible for the desired color of the gold leaf. The bars are then rolled into a gold band about the strength of newsprint and cut into squares (quarters). 400 to 500 of these quarters are placed one above the other in a crusher and more passes repeatedly beaten and cut up the large districts about 8 by 8 inches and a ten-thousandth of a millimeter thick.

Gold leaf is used mainly for gilding picture frames, books (gilt) used furniture, figures, architectural elements, stucco, icons, etc.. Gold leaf is it – depending on the purpose and desired effect – applied with special adhesives and often polished.


In Buddhism, gold leaf sheets are used for rituals.

The consumption of gold is safe and exemplified in Danziger Goldwasser, Schwabacher Goldwasser or flavored wine-based drinks (for example: Gold Blend liqueur with gold or gold of Austria Inführ champagne) drinkable.

goldflakeschampagne wedding decoration 22k 23k 24k carat gold leaf sheet are used as a food color E 175. Gold leaf is also used for gold garnish of food and drinks, pastries and gourmet food.

24k 24c edible gold,100% edible gold,999/1000 gold leaf,gold foo

A coming trend is using gold leaf sheets, gold powder and gold flakes as a makeup and cosmetics additive for special effects.

Cleopatra Gold facials sheets have become popular in mainstream culture and spa as a sign of wealth.

 gold facial MASK,cleopatra,pure gold,gold skin,gold whitening 24kSalons are adding gold leaf  to nail polish and hair for glamorous look.

gold sheets for nails salon manicure buy wholesale 24k copy

Gold flakes in soap.

goldflakessoapnailpolish24k wholesale

Henna gold leaf or gold in hair is popular with newly weds.

Gold Leaf Sheets Foil 24k for Scrapbooking Art Gilding Statue

Gold Leaf sheets foil 24k for scrapbooking, art, crafts, gilding statues and home decorations. Aurum and Argentum Co has gold sheets for your creative art projects. Add glimmering features to your scrapbook or make a statue come to life with gold. Many artists like to gild their statues with gold leaf sheets to add more value. There are many resources on how to apply gold leaf foil to your project. Make an elegant master piece and display it with enhanced features with a touch of gold. See our wholesale gold leaf sheets product list here.  So get started and show off your scrapbook or statue with gold leaf sheets.

gold leaf sheets foil statue gilding scrapbook crafts art

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Gold Covered Chocolates Topping and Garnish

Gold Covered Chocolates Topping and Garnish

Chocolates are a favorite among all people. Why not add gold flakes as a chocolate garnish to add elegance to your chocolate products?  Aurum and Argentum Company makes that possible with our 24k gold flakes. Impress your patrons and add value to your creation, it’s a great up sell and a showcase piece. It is a conversation topic to promote your brand. Gold flakes topping also has eye appeal with its attractive sparkling features. Let customers know you really has a quality product that stands out. We have 3 products gold flakes, gold powder and gold leaf sheets foil. See our products here.
gold flakes chocolate wedding gift 24k topping garnish
Wedding food decorations with gold flakes are popular this day and age. Guests will remember your 24k gold chocolate gifts for years to come, so make it memorable.

Gold Flakes Wedding Decorations in Champagne

Weddings decoration gold flakes adds luxury to your day. Use gold flakes for any occasion or celebration. Aurum & Argentum Company has gold flakes and gold powder for your champagne presentation. Mention gold flakes to friend or family member. Our gold flakes are 24k. Other popular drinks are gold and wine, vodka, Jello shooters and sparkling water. So what ever drinks you are serving add gold flakes for a memorial event. We accept minimum orders of 1g. Gold Flakes Wedding Decorations in Champagne

goldflakesweddingdecorationchampagne copySee our other products and ideas for gold flakes. Another idea is to add gold flakes to the main course of your wedding dinner.  Wow your guests with a gourmet topping. Or even put gold flakes on dessert. Please note Aurum and Argentum Company is a wholesale supplier of gold products. We don’t sell champagne.

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gold flakes in soap bar and gold flakes in nail polish wholesale

Gold Flakes Additive for Soap and Nail Polish

Gold Flakes Additive for Soap and Nail Polish

Make your own soap or nail polish with gold flakes additive ingredients. Aurum & Argentum Company can supply gold flakes or gold powder for your venture. Minimum orders are accepted, simply contact us for price and shipping. Imagine having your very own gold flake soap or gold flake nail polish company. Adding gold flakes to your product will enhance your brands appeal. We sell gold flakes as goods or raw material. You can make endless products, see our examples of what gold leaf, gold flakes and gold powder are used for in the current marketplace. Please, let us know of any other products that can be made with gold.

gold flakes in soap bar and gold flakes in nail polish wholesale

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