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1 gram gold flakes aurum additive color

24k pure gold flakes in glass bottle 1g Real Gold

24k pure gold flakes in glass bottle 1g Real Gold Wholesale

Aurum & Argentum Co 24k gold flakes. Click Here to see our products. Contact us for gold flakes wholesale prices.


1 gram gold flakes aurum additive color

Caviar with 24K Gold Flakes Chef’s Choice

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Caviar with 24K Gold Flakes Chef’s Choice

Add 24K gold to your caviar and impress your customers or your family and friends.

Aurum and Argentum Company makes gold flakes and gold powder for your gourmet foods. By adding gold to your cuisine the value of the dish increases. Also, your customers will remember your gourmet food. Topping any food with gold is a great conversation starter. Chefs around the world are using gold flakes and gold powder to garnish their masterpiece. When hosting a dinner party be sure to have Aurum and Argentum Co gold on hand. Make a signature dish for any occasion. A wedding or anniversary will be more memorable with gold.

gold caviar 24k flakes leaf gourmet food buy wholesale chef topping

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gold foil sheets for facial face mask wholesale

24K Gold Facial Mask Sheets for Spa and Salon or DIY Kit Wholesale

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

24K Gold Facial Mask Sheets for Spa and Salon or DIY Kit Wholesale

Add another facial option at your spa or salon with 24k gold facial mask sheets The benefits of 24k gold facial or gold mask are..

Having a gold facial makes the skin look younger and fresher, and frees the pores of unsightly deposits. A very special form of exfoliation is the gold peel. A facial with 24 karat gold, which brings the skin to a high gloss.

Gold has hardly been used in the production of care and vital substances, other than beauty products it main use is for jewelry on the skin. In conjunction with a scrub, gold can, however, develop an entirely new effect because gold can provide the skin with moisture, has a cooling effect and can be used at the same time anti-inflammatory. Especially the fact that gold can hold up to three hundred times its own weight in moisture, provides a true fresh impulse in the skin. It is very well suited for regular as well as for sensitive skin and can almost be taken from each to complete. In conjunction with collagen and hyaluronic acid, it also makes for a plumping effect, through the existing wrinkles disappear in a short time. The skin looks so much younger after the gold facial is finished and can shine bright again.

24k gold facial mask sheets wholesale foil

The 24k gold facial is therefore something very special that people who are focused on beauty and value to a fine complexion, not to be missed. The addition of 24 carat gold, the price of the natural pure 24k gold facial sheets depends on the current gold price, which is set per troy ounce of gold on the exchanges. Since the future is likely to further price increases, must be assumed that also the gold foil facial sheets will continue to rise in price as well. It is therefore worthwhile to test the effect of the gold and be surprised by the positive effect and the glamorous complexion. On the soft shimmering of the skin and the luxury of this very special 24k gold facial.

Where can I buy 24k gold facial mask sheets or gold foil sheets?

Aurum & Argentum Co sells gold facial mask sheets at wholesale prices for spa and salons. The term gold foil sheets is the same meaning as gold facial mask sheets.

Buy gold facial mask sheets Contact us to purchase samples or wholesale lot.

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Edible Gold Flakes Wholesale

Edible Gold Flakes Wholesale

Aurum and Argentum Company Thailand 24k gold flakes can be used for many different products. For example 24k gold nail polish, gourmet food garnish, salon nail and hair art. Decorating statues and other art creations. Also, gold flakes can be added to drinks like vodka, champagne or martini’s. Soap makers love adding gold flakes along with cosmetics.

goldflakesjarediblethailandwholesale copy

Gold Flakes
Purity: Certificate with purchase 24K gold 99% 24 Carat and 1% Silver (Edible)
Thickness: 0.2-0.4 microns
Sizes: 1mm-5mm
Other Details: 1g Gold Flakes, no brand.
Price: Please contact as price fluctuates with market value.
Packaging Details: 1g per unit gold flakes in Glass Jar.
Delivery Term: EMS 3-5 business days. Shipping fee $30USD for 1500 leaves plus $7USD handling fee.
Buyer assumes all costs including local tax, customs, courier fees and handling fee.
Payment Term: TT or Western Union
Main uses by customers: Gilding, spa, soap additive, cake decoration, body tattoo, gourmet food decoration, fingernail art decoration, gold facial mask and cosmetic additive.

Gold Leaf for Cars Motorcycle Tanks and Trucks Gilding Supplies

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEARGold leaf sheets for cars, motorcycle tanks and trucks gilding supplies at wholesale price

Your next project may require gold leaf for lettering, stenciling or graphics. Aurum & Argentum Co has gold leaf sheets to make that possible. We have 24k and 23k gold leaf at 4cm  4cm or 8cm x 8cm. Whatever you need we can supply gold leaf. Gold leaf bring an amazing shine to your work. You will be sure to have great reviews when you are complete. Motorcycle enthusiast love adding gold leaf to their art work and gold lettering on the gas tank of their bikes. Car enthusiasts gold leaf their steering wheels or details dashboard. Most recently people have been gold foiling cars for an elegant look for advertising. Another yet conservative method of advertising is gold lettering on trucks.

buy gold leaf for motorcycle cars steering wheel design copy

There are many resources to help you learn more about gold leaf gilding. It has been in use for centuries. We at Aurum and Argentum Company try to find as many uses for gold as we sell gold leaf, gold powder and gold flakes. We would love to see your finished product, we will even post them on our site. Please note that the photo above of the motorcycle tank is an artist rendition and is made for advertising. There are many things you could gold leaf for fun or a full time business. We are always looking for distributors, let us know and we will send you a distributor guide. Make your work standout amongst other craftsman. You will surely get the kudos well received. Detailing with gold leaf takes patience but the outcome is amazing. Please be aware gold leaf will stick to your skin so be careful when handing gold leaf. There are gilding tools available. Even watch videos on youtube on how to gild if you are new to it. You will also get a certificate with gold content with your purchase. We have our gold tested with every batch.

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