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How to Apply Gold Leaf Makeup, Nails, Body Art Videos and Where to Buy

How to Apply Gold Leaf Makeup, Nails, Body Art Videos and Where to Buy – Contact Us

Golden Summer! Gold leaf make-up! On eyelashes, skin, eyebrows and even vertices, it may sparkle this season, shimmer and sparkle. Whether in everyday life or at a party with refined gold leaf accents – radiant makeup gilded any look.

How to Apply 24K Gold Facial Mask for Spa and DIY Videos

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How to Apply 24K Gold Facial Mask  for Spa and DIY Videos

These are instructional videos of how to apply gold leaf foil to your face. Gold leaf used in the videos are not from Aurum & Argentum Co and Aurum & Argentum Co does not own rights to these videos. For more information on our products click here.

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Gold facial mask


Renee Lynn – Age Interventionist

bird poop facials

Gold Facial Mask 24K

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Gold facial mask sheets by Aurum & Argentum Co gives a youthful look and adds firmness to skin.

The gold facial mask  optimizes skin firmness as well as their stability and defenses. This also reduces wrinkles and enhances effect of cosmetic products for perfect youthfulness.

Everything that glitters is gold! With the use of gold face mask , it also puts women at a certain age and gives back a  shiny appearance. The gold face mask is designed according to the latest dermatological findings for mature skin. Applied, It gives the face a youthful look, bursting with freshness and radiance.

Already the immediate effect of the gold face mask made by Aurum & Argentum Co is amazing, and it works long term and especially long term.

bird poop facial

But what secrets are behind the demonstrated effectiveness of Gold Face Mask?

– The highly effective gold. – Gold as a stabilizer of the skin. – High moisture retention

Gold Face Mask: Skin Tight for Golden Girls With these ingredients and skills of the gold face mask of Aurum & Argentum Co beats the  Golden Girls, a trick of time before it eats away at them.

This exquisite beauty

– rejuvenate the skin – Visibly tightens – Strengthens the skin’s natural defenses – Minimizes the formation of wrinkles from the first application

Gold Face Mask also known as gold facial mask: The optimized Fountain of Youth For an even better result, the gold face mask can also be used as a 14-day treatment. At intervals of two days as suggested by spa specialist.

Contents: 1 box Gold Face Mask (20 sheets) 24k gold Size 4cm x 4cm per leaf sheet

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Gold use in the Restaurant, Bakeries Bar and Taverns Industry


Gold use in the restaurant, bakeries, bar and taverns Industry

Gold olive oil

Gold fondant for cakes and pastries

Mixed drink additive

Sushi food garnish

Gold covered chocolates

Martini with gold flakes

Ice cream topping

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gold foil for pottery crafts

Using Gold Leaf for Pottery and Wood Carving

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Using Gold Leaf for Pottery and Wood Carving

The practice of wood carving is very old, it has left no trace because wood is a material that does not withstand the ravages of time. However, the clay sculpture remains the first technique and the first material used for sculptures.

Wood carving differs from sculpture to other materials (clay, stone) There is often a flat assembly attached with several wooden planks (very dry), previously planed and trued. These woods are assembled differently depending on whether one wishes to make a relief or round (statues sculpture). The timber assembly is formed to prevent cracking and shrinkage (or expansion timber, depending on ambient humidity). Wood finishes with the use of gold are specific and varied.

gold foil for sculpures



The gold leaf provides a real enhancement of the wood so that the subject carved is defined. The sculpture can be tinted with gold leaf, then an application of beeswax is the most known and most simple technique. The polish is long to implement, about a fortnight, but brings out the grain of the wood and gives it a sense of mirror. The gilding on wood, by applying gold leaf requires more than fourteen operations and gives a finishing style. There are many other finishes with drying oil ( tung, linseed), carnauba wax, shellac, copal varnish (known as Saint Petersburg) … Each has its own character and gives the work its final message.

Pottery is a technique for the preparation of ceramic, formed mainly with the objects of clay / mud, dried, and fired decorated whereby the ceramic end product to be hard and sometimes waterproof. Gold leaf can be inlayed to pottery to give it an elegant look.

Pottery as a general term is also used for the manufacturing of ceramic products or products such as vases, jars, pots, trays or bowls. Depending on the raw materials used and the manufacturing technology, the ceramics produced are generally allocated according to the classification of ceramic bodies various classes, subclasses, groups and subgroups.

The pottery is handcrafted in Western cultures often for artistic purposes, or for the preservation of traditions as a hobby or business.

gold foil for pottery crafts


Aurum & Argentum Co gold leaf for wood carving and pottery

Loose gold leaf

Sizes: 4cm x 4cm and 8cm x 8cm

24k and 23k gold available

Contact us to purchase gold leaf for your project.

Gold Flakes for Bartenders Cocktails Drinks and Shots

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Alcoholic Cocktail made ​​largely on the basis of gin, whiskey or rum, recently gaining popularity cocktails based on vodka and tequila. In addition, as ingredients used in liqueurs, honey, gold flakes, gold powder, milk (or cream), spices, etc.

Unlike other blended beverages, cocktails formulations are not taken to indicate the exact amount of all components. Bring only the proportion of the main parts (½, ¼, ¾, etc.). The volume of one portion cocktail typically does not exceed 75-100 ml (this is not a long drink).

bar shot with gold flakes new drink idea copy

Depending on how easily mixed with each other included in the cocktail ingredients for making most use of the following methods:
Mixing in a shaker.
Mixing in a blender
Preparation for mixing in a beaker
Cooking directly in the glass

Gold leaf, gold flakes or gold powder.

Most glasses with cocktails decorated with a slice of citrus, gold powder trimming the top of the shot glass or cocktail glass etc. When drinking often use a straw. Alcoholic cocktails

Among alcoholic drinks are three major groups, although this division is not exhaustive, and many cocktails are not listed as one of these groups.
Digestives  – the cocktails are traditionally drank during or after a meal, usually sweet or sour.
Aperitifs – the cocktails are traditionally drank before eating and causing an increase of appetite.
Long-drink (born long drink – a long sip) – a refreshing cocktail served large with portions, usually with ice.

There are many types of both traditional (punch and flip trace their history back to the XVII century) and recently received the popularity or isolated in a separate group of cocktails: punch, flip, highball, cobbler, Collins, julep (born Julep), sour cocktails, layered cocktails , Egg legs and others. Over time, the composition of different kinds of cocktails can vary, so eggnog differed from flip cream, but in recent decades, and the cream came to the recipe of cocktails that are attributable to flip.

In addition to the specific range of cocktails can be classified according to the basic liquors (vodka-based cocktails, gin, whiskey, brandy, tequila, rum, liqueurs, wines, sparkling wines, and beer).

bartender has flair with gold flakes in for mixed drinks cocktails

Aurum and Argentum Co Martini

Pinch of Aurum & Argentum Co gold flakes or gold powder

3 green olives

1/2 fluid ounce  dry vermouth

2 1/2 fluid ounces  gin

1 cup of ice

Have a shot with gold in it or your favorite drink. Bartenders and bar owners know the value of having gold flakes and gold powder on their cocktail list. Gold adds value and drink margins increase. Gold is an excellent seller for special occasions like Valentine’s day or weddings. Gold flakes in champagne is a classic favorite.

goldflakeschampagne wedding decoration

Gold Leaf Wholesale for Sign Making and Stenciling

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Aurum & Argentum Co. has gold leaf for your sign making projects. We have two sizes 4 cm x 4 cm and 8 cm x 8 cm in either 24k and 23k gold.

The gilding is a process of ornamental decoration used on different materials and with different techniques to embellish an object by the application of a thin layer of gold.

Making your sign with the elegant effects of gold gives a business better storefront appeal. It could be used for name tag on doors of offices. There are many different uses of gold. Ask your local sign maker if they gold gild signs.

gold leaf for sign making and stenciling

From the late Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire and subsequent Medieval extensive sources are available, in which full details are given to all conventional techniques of gilding. The gilding was at this time a wide use as in book painting and stenciling.

The craft is mainly used in the restoration of old works of art and architecture, as well as parts in the production of picture frames and the design of books and advertising space like signs and name tags on doors.

There are different gold stenciling on many products for example gold leaf on hockey masks, football helmets, motorcycle helmets and gas tanks, car automotive gold detailing to name a few. Gold sign making has been going on for centuries and continues to shine on into the future. So if it is just a DIY project or a business in need of gold leaf, Aurum & Argentum Co can be of assistance.

Contact us for current prices. We will do our best to give you a fair price. We will soon be selling our products at retail price online to our customers that want to sample our products. We also get a lot of requests for small orders for people needing small amounts for their newest DIY projects.

Aurum & Argentum Co.

Caviar with 24K Gold Flakes Chef’s Choice

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Caviar with 24K Gold Flakes Chef’s Choice

Add 24K gold to your caviar and impress your customers or your family and friends.

Aurum and Argentum Company makes gold flakes and gold powder for your gourmet foods. By adding gold to your cuisine the value of the dish increases. Also, your customers will remember your gourmet food. Topping any food with gold is a great conversation starter. Chefs around the world are using gold flakes and gold powder to garnish their masterpiece. When hosting a dinner party be sure to have Aurum and Argentum Co gold on hand. Make a signature dish for any occasion. A wedding or anniversary will be more memorable with gold.

gold caviar 24k flakes leaf gourmet food buy wholesale chef topping

Contact us for more details and current prices.

Gold Powder Flakes Leaf Oolong Tea Idea 24k

Gold Powder Flakes Leaf Oolong Tea Idea 24k

What to use your gold leaf sheets, gold powder and gold flakes for?

I would like to present another idea. How about gold powder flakes oolong tea. It doesn’t just have to be oolong tea it could be any drink.

A list of tea from wiki . If you have your tea company already why not add some gold powder for an elegant promotional products. Buy Aurum & Argentum Co gold flakes or powder for your next tea creation. It is an excellent conversational starter as well.

Tea Bases (Camellia Sinensis)

Black Tea   Chinese teas: ◾Keemun tea ◾Yunnan tea

Indian teas: ◾Assam tea ◾Nilgiri tea ◾Oolong Tea ◾masala tea ◾badam tea ◾Made from semi-fermented leaves of tea plants

Genmaicha Tea Green Tea Yellow Tea White Tea Pu-erh   Flavored Teas Chai Earl Grey Tea Lapsang souchong tea English Breakfast tea Irish Breakfast tea Jasmine tea Russian Caravan

Herbal Teas (Tisanes) ◾Lemon Rooibos ◾Lemon and Ginger ◾Honeybush ◾Spearmint ◾Peppermint ◾Chamomile ◾Yerba Mate Compressed Teas Tea Bricks Tea braid


Please note: Aurum & Argentum Co doesn’t make gold flakes oolong tea. We are a gold leaf wholesaler company. We sell  Gold leaf, gold flakes and gold powder. See our products here.