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Gold Leaf Foil For Scrapbooking Arts and Crafts DIY

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR


Gold Leaf Foil For Scrapbooking Arts and Crafts DIY

When thinking of your next arts and craft project how about adding gold leaf foil to the mix. Add more value to your DIY project. Scrapbooking is a hobby for many people but for others its a passion. Make your scrapbook standout with gold leaf foil. Aurum & Argentum Co has products that will enhance your creative design. By adding gold to your craft or art, you are also increasing the value of your product if you plan on selling it.

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Artists add gold leaf foil to their paintings. Wood carvers use it as a detailing feature. Sign makers have been using gold leaf foil for years to make elegant signs for storefronts. The latest trend has been putting gold leaf foil on vehicles for advertising. DIY earring makers wrap earring in gold to make a more vibrant and luxurious look. If your making pottery lining it with gold leaf foil will bring it to showpiece status. Aurum & Argentum Co gives examples of what gold can be used for, so get started on your project right now. We offer gold products at wholesale prices. And we are always looking for distributors. We will be getting a distributor package ready for those interested in selling gold products. You could even have your own brand. Here are some other products that could be made with Aurum & Argentum Co gold leaf foil.


Edible Gold Foil Leaf Flakes of Gold and Powder 24k

Edible Gold Foil Leaf Flakes of Gold and Powder 24k

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Aurum and Argentum Company Thailand has 3 main gold products which are gold leaf, gold flakes and gold powder.

1. Edible gold leaf foil

gold leaf gold powder gold flakes additive 24k edible Thailand

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2. Edible gold flakes and gold powder

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24k 24c edible gold,100% edible gold,999/1000 gold leaf,gold foo

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