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How to Apply Gold Leaf Makeup, Nails, Body Art Videos and Where to Buy

How to Apply Gold Leaf Makeup, Nails, Body Art Videos and Where to Buy – Contact Us

Golden Summer! Gold leaf make-up! On eyelashes, skin, eyebrows and even vertices, it may sparkle this season, shimmer and sparkle. Whether in everyday life or at a party with refined gold leaf accents – radiant makeup gilded any look.

1 gram gold flakes aurum additive color

24k pure gold flakes in glass bottle 1g Real Gold

24k pure gold flakes in glass bottle 1g Real Gold Wholesale

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1 gram gold flakes aurum additive color

gold foil makeup cosmetics

Cosmetics and Makeup with Gold Flakes and Gold Powder

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Cosmetics and Makeup with Gold Flakes and Gold Powder
Please note Aurum & Argentum Co only sells gold leaf sheets, gold powder and gold flakes at the moment.

Aurum & Argentum Co Gold Products

1g gold flakes

1g gold powder

100 gold foil sheets per pack

Size: 4cm x 4cm and 8cm x 8cm

24k gold leaf flakes powder

Cosmetics with gold flakes and gold powder wants to beautify and maintain the body exterior and that depends on the understanding of culture of a people. Many cosmetic products are targeted and aimed to make the aging and the limitations of the body less visible. In ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs developed a way to preserve a body for a long time before the expiration.

The Cleopatra Gold Facial Mask

Known as the Cleopatra gold facial in popular culture has created a buzz with the spa enthusiasts. Next time your at the spa ask for a Cleopatra facial with Aurum & Argentum Co gold.

gold foil sheets for facial face mask wholesale

Perfumes and fragrances had religious and medical roots in the early period of human development. To enhance the human scent from plants and flowers, which was the invisible soul of the flower, the plant, brought the feelings of the beauty of nature and the sensations in a harmonious unison.

gold foil makeup cosmetics

In general, cosmetic with gold should not only have a beautify effect, but at least increase the awareness of life; may also be a social prestige expression. The Grace and care of the body is as old as humanity itself, when gold is applied its eternal.

Cosmetics and Makeup – Gold can be added to the following
Rouge, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, brush – decorative cosmetics
Today’s market for cosmetics (toiletries) can be divided into five segments described by Application Area:

gold flakes in lip gloss

Cleaning, Care and Protection: These are for example detergent for washing, bathing and showering ( soap , shower gel and bath ); care products for face, body, hands, or feet ( skin cream , lotion , body lotion, gel) massage oils.

massage oil with gold flakes olive


Shaving and depilatories ( shaving cream , shaving soap, aftershave ) products to protect against UV radiation and mosquito bites ( sunscreen , sunscreen , repellent ).
Dental and Oral Care: This includes, for example, toothpaste , mouthwash , dental floss and means to take care of the restoration (cleaning, adhesion).
Hair treatment: This segment includes shampoo ( shampoo ), hair shaping composition ( perm ), setting lotions , hair dyes .

gold flakes in soap and nail polish 23k 24k  diy
Decorative Applications: Typical representatives of this segment are facial makeup ( rouge ), eye care products ( mascara , eye shadow ), lip care products ( lipstick ), nail polish , as well as self-tanning agent .

gold foil for nails gold leaf manicure
Influence of body odor: These include perfume , eau de toilette , deodorant and antiperspirant.

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Gold Leaf foil Flakes for Nails 24K Manicurist Wholesale

aurum and argentum co. company Gold leaf CLEAR

Gold Leaf foil Flakes for Nails 24K Manicurist Wholesale

The healthy and well-groomed nails are attractive but there are times when you want to make them more appealing. It can be

a special occasion or event. Make your manicure elegant, or do it just for fun. Whatever the reason, there are several

ways to decorate your nails. Some you can do yourself while others require the help of a manicurist. Apply gold leaf foil

to your nails for an amazing look.

Gold Foil Sheets for Nails

The gold foil sheets are a quick and easy way to add interest to your manicure. These small, decorations come are used for

weddings or other special occasions. You can use one or more gold leaf foil 1cm per nail. Raise a gold leaf sheet, place

it on your nail and press it until it sticks. You can apply a layer of gloss to prevent the gold foil from sticking to

your clothes and to last longer.

gold foil sheets for nails salon art design buy wholesale 24k

Gold Flakes for Nails DIY

The gold flakes can be subtle or bold depending on how much you decide to use in your manicure. You can buy gold flakes

and spread it over your wet nail polish or you can purchase that bring built. After applying any method continues by

applying clear nail polish. If you use acrylic nails, you can have more time to glitter ask your manicurist to use 24k

gold that has gold powder or gold flakes embedded in acrylic.


You can buy synthetic stones made for nails. They come in various sizes and sometimes come in a kit containing nail

lacquer for use with the stones. Place a layer of enamel, then carefully place the stones where you want and press them.

When drying the enamel adds another layer of gold flakes to finish.

Gold Nails

Although you can buy full sets of nails of gold or gold plated, may be more attractive to buy and use one. Most loose gold

nails are for little fingernail. It is best to place a golden nail on the natural nail instead of over a acrylic. The

design is for that fit better on the curve of the natural nail. Only gold hits the nail with natural adhesive and have a

manicure decorated. Its best use gold leaf foil for a more natural look.


The nail charms seem small earrings. Just like the earrings, come with small poles or as pendants. The charms attach to

your nails through a hole drilled in your nail. Most people do not have the tools needed to apply these charms so they

rely on the services of manicurists.


The airbrush painting is a method to paint a design or a simple image on your nails. This requires special equipment and

artistry, making other decoration which requires the skill of a manicurist.

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