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Gold Leaf Wholesale for Sign Making and Stenciling

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Aurum & Argentum Co. has gold leaf for your sign making projects. We have two sizes 4 cm x 4 cm and 8 cm x 8 cm in either 24k and 23k gold.

The gilding is a process of ornamental decoration used on different materials and with different techniques to embellish an object by the application of a thin layer of gold.

Making your sign with the elegant effects of gold gives a business better storefront appeal. It could be used for name tag on doors of offices. There are many different uses of gold. Ask your local sign maker if they gold gild signs.

gold leaf for sign making and stenciling

From the late Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire and subsequent Medieval extensive sources are available, in which full details are given to all conventional techniques of gilding. The gilding was at this time a wide use as in book painting and stenciling.

The craft is mainly used in the restoration of old works of art and architecture, as well as parts in the production of picture frames and the design of books and advertising space like signs and name tags on doors.

There are different gold stenciling on many products for example gold leaf on hockey masks, football helmets, motorcycle helmets and gas tanks, car automotive gold detailing to name a few. Gold sign making has been going on for centuries and continues to shine on into the future. So if it is just a DIY project or a business in need of gold leaf, Aurum & Argentum Co can be of assistance.

Contact us for current prices. We will do our best to give you a fair price. We will soon be selling our products at retail price online to our customers that want to sample our products. We also get a lot of requests for small orders for people needing small amounts for their newest DIY projects.

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