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gold flakes in soap bar and gold flakes in nail polish wholesale

Gold Flakes Additive for Soap and Nail Polish

Gold Flakes Additive for Soap and Nail Polish

Make your own soap or nail polish with gold flakes additive ingredients. Aurum & Argentum Company can supply gold flakes or gold powder for your venture. Minimum orders are accepted, simply contact us for price and shipping. Imagine having your very own gold flake soap or gold flake nail polish company. Adding gold flakes to your product will enhance your brands appeal. We sell gold flakes as goods or raw material. You can make endless products, see our examples of what gold leaf, gold flakes and gold powder are used for in the current marketplace. Please, let us know of any other products that can be made with gold.

gold flakes in soap bar and gold flakes in nail polish wholesale

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Edible Gold Powder 24K Wholesale

Edible Gold Powder 24K Wholesale

Aurum and Argentum Company Thailand

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Gold Powder
Purity: Certificate with purchase 24K gold 99% 24 Carat and 1% Silver (Edible)
Thickness: 0.2-0.4 microns
Sizes: 0.1mm-1mm
Other Details: 1g Gold Powder, no brand.
Price: Please contact as price fluctuates with market value.
Packaging Details: 1g per unit gold powder in Glass Jar.
Delivery Term: EMS 3-5 business days. Shipping fee
Buyer assumes all costs including local tax, customs, courier fees and handling fee.
Payment Term: TT or Western Union, Paypal
Main uses by customers: Gilding, spa, soap additive, cake decoration, body tattoo, gourmet food decoration, fingernail art decoration, gold facial mask and cosmetic additive.