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Gold Flakes Wedding Decorations in Champagne

Weddings decoration gold flakes adds luxury to your day. Use gold flakes for any occasion or celebration. Aurum & Argentum Company has gold flakes and gold powder for your champagne presentation. Mention gold flakes to friend or family member. Our gold flakes are 24k. Other popular drinks are gold and wine, vodka, Jello shooters and sparkling water. So what ever drinks you are serving add gold flakes for a memorial event. We accept minimum orders of 1g. Gold Flakes Wedding Decorations in Champagne

goldflakesweddingdecorationchampagne copySee our other products and ideas for gold flakes. Another idea is to add gold flakes to the main course of your wedding dinner.  Wow your guests with a gourmet topping. Or even put gold flakes on dessert. Please note Aurum and Argentum Company is a wholesale supplier of gold products. We don’t sell champagne.

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